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Wvsom Affiliation Agreement

Uncategorized / December 22, 2020 /

Prior to the start of the program, students were dispersed to the United States for their clinical rotations. Through support deans and regional physicians, students gain more clinical rotation experience with these mentors and improve their learning through personal assessments. Each regional campus offers structured programs for students through small group interactions, conferences and clinical case conferences. The Statewide Campus program has attracted more than 2,500 teachers who are helping to create a larger infrastructure for clinical and post-cycle training. Other benefits of the national system include the ability of hospitals to recruit students through a residency program; Medical training and residency directors get to know students on a long-term scale; Students and their families are established in the community and participate in ongoing collective projects. National campuses are divided into seven geographic regions. For more information, see our campus site plan. WVSOM officials felt that it was necessary to have a national campus system in place so that students had the greatest educational experience, a more stable life at home and more opportunities to supplement their state living programs. Approximately 60 hospitals, clinics and medical centers across West Virginia participate in the statewide Campus program. The goal of the system is similar to WVSOM`s mission to train students who are inspired to become doctors in rural areas.

Studies have shown that nearly 80 per cent of physicians who receive pre-provincial medical training, internship or residency in a state, remain in this state to practice medicine.