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Western Governors University Articulation Agreement

Uncategorized / December 20, 2020 /

And it`s not just WGU Texas. The University of Parents of Students, which offers bachelor`s and postgraduate degrees, has launched a national initiative to encourage students to complete their associate degree before enrolling. And he sees results. Two years ago, 35% of new students had an associate or bachelor`s degree. Today, there are about half of them, says Pat Partridge, marketing director of the Western Governor, which oversees marketing and registrations. Part of the draw for community colleges in collaboration with Western Governors is that the university generally honours all transfer funds from two-year accredited institutions. Through trust in community colleges on transfer, the university is able to get “co-branding” with community college partners and more miles with their marketing to students. A remission can be attractive. And Partridge said the university often has to compete in crowded markets for students, often with high-end profits, like the University of Phoenix, which have much larger advertising budgets. Western governors have tried to limit its articulation agreements to states, mainly because of the complexity of escaping and maintaining agreements with hundreds of two-year institutions, Partridge said. But Katsinas said that financial incentives for students in transfer contracts are becoming more frequent. And in the face of deep budget cuts in many countries, public universities are struggling to meet student demand. This helps to open the door to the governors of the West.

WGU Indiana and Washington branches have similar programs, including the 5 percent cut, Partridge said. The university has national articulation agreements with community colleges in seven states, some of which include rebates and scholarships for associate graduates, as well as “more flexible marketing partnerships” with 330 community colleges across the country, including large systems like Maricopa Community College in Arizona. There are cases where Western governors will refuse a transfer course because it is far from the purpose of the course corresponding to the university.