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Us-Uk Technology Safeguards Agreement

Uncategorized / December 19, 2020 /

The agreement allows U.S. space companies to fire missiles from The UK for the first time. It implements critical security measures for U.S. companies to operate from UK space ports and safely export sensitive launch technologies through the pond. This agreement is an exciting new area for space cooperation between Britain and the United States and is an important step towards American companies taking off from British space ports. The commercial space sector already accounts for hundreds of millions of dollars a year in trade between our two countries, as well as thousands of jobs on both sides of the Atlantic. This new agreement will create growth and prosperity for both our countries. This technology security agreement ensures the proper use of sensitive technologies, in line with our long-standing partnership as founding members of the missile technology control system. Tony Azzarelli, co-founder and director of the US industrial group Access.Space, welcomed the agreement. The agreement means that U.S. space and technology companies can contribute to and benefit from the commercial opportunities of the UK`s space sector throughout the supply chain, which already employs 42,000 people and generates $14.8 billion a year in revenue. And Lockheed Martin UK tweeted: “We welcome this agreement which will be a catalyst for the development of the UK`s space sector. As one of the world`s leaders in space technology, we look forward to supporting THE UKG`s prosperity agenda by developing the UK`s national space capabilities.

The agreement protects sensitive U.S. technologies and sets standards for how others use these sensitive technologies to launch satellites and missiles from foreign sites. British Ambassador to Washington Karen Pierce and U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Non-Proliferation Christopher Ford signed the agreement on Tuesday. On June 16, 2020, the United States and the United Kingdom concluded the agreement on the protection of technologies related to U.S. participation in space launches from the United Kingdom or the U.S.-U.K. Technology Protection Agreement (TSA). This agreement establishes, once in force, the technical security measures to support US space launches from the United Kingdom, while ensuring the proper use of sensitive technologies that are consistent with our long-standing partnership and our responsibilities as founding members of the Missile Technology Control System (MTCR). The governments of the United Kingdom and the United States have signed a new agreement that paves the way for the operation of British spaceports and export technology for space launches. This is an important agreement that will strengthen the UK space industry and allow U.S. companies to offer services and products they might not otherwise be able to do.

The agreement is therefore a must for US companies such as Virgin Orbit and Lockheed Martin to start launching satellites from the UK.