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Uipath Data Processing Agreement

Uncategorized / December 19, 2020 /

UiPath SRL, is an organized legal person and exists according to the laws of Romania, based in 4 Vasile Alecsandri Street, 11 Daniel Constantin Street, 5th floor, Building A, District 1, Bucharest, Romania is the point of contact for all questions about how your personal data is handled. To help you become an Automation Hub user and help you identify the best processes to automate, we process your name, email address, location, store, phone number based on your explicit consent. We use the data you provided to send you messages via Automation Hub. Please note that some of these events may be sponsored by us and by third parties, such as partners and solution providers who resell, use or supplement our products or services. Such events clearly show when such a partnership exists. When you register for these events, your personal data can also be collected and passed on to these third parties. In order to organize such events, we use, in certain situations, the services of third parties who are responsible for the processing on our behalf or who are themselves responsible for the treatment. If you sign up for our events, please see their privacy policy. Some structured documents may need much more than rules-based methods, as some data cannot be extracted using rules or templates. Similarly, only model-based methods do not work for all unstructured and semi-structured documents. With our flexible framework, you can mix and cross-reference document processing approaches by simply adding multiple data extraction techniques directly into your workflow in UiPath Studio. (*) When the RGPD came into force, UiPath signed standard contractual clauses with its related companies and enforced RGPD guidelines and standards worldwide among its companies. The Privacy Shield has been used by UiPath as an additional transmission mechanism and not as a primary transmission mechanism, which is why the recent judgment of the European Court of Justice does not undermine the protection or transmission of personal data of European customers.

With its subprocessors, UiPath has entered into data processing agreements in accordance with the RGPD to ensure that any transmission mechanism used complies with EU law. Please remember that if you use social media accounts to connect with UiPath, you agree that your social profile data, such as your name, phone number, friends, photo, birthday, sex, location, interest, is shared with UiPath via an Application Programming Interface (API). UiPath processes your name, last name, CV, work experience, training, LinkedIn profile and other information contained in your application, based on your consent, in order to process your application (recruitment and selection). Find out everything you need to know about the security of our products and the technical and organizational controls we have to ensure data availability, privacy and integrity. Our badges usually contain a barcode or QR code that provides the personal data you provided during the registration process (name, title, company, email, etc.). Our partners or sponsors can request information about you directly at their conference booths or presentations or scan your badge (if you allow it).