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Tlumacz Non-Disclosure Agreement

Uncategorized / December 18, 2020 /

Translations of additional sentence examples are also generated by the automated module and are not verified by our teachers. And those who are connected to the video must sign confidentiality consents. Note: Translations of other examples have not been verified by our teachers – they may contain errors. You should make it available, even if you have to sign a confidentiality agreement. A week later, when it wasn`t the first time he talked about the confidentiality agreement. The terms of the agreement are protected by a confidentiality agreement. Ask them to sign a confidentiality agreement before you reveal your idea. Maybe she should force her lovers to sign confidentiality. People in the industry said that no one was invited to sign confidentiality agreements.

. The case has been dealt with out of court and is subject to the confidentiality agreement. The privacy statement must be signed before watching the video. I just want to ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement. Some of the crew members, including myself, sign confidentiality agreements. The project manager was informed and signed a confidentiality agreement. For a year, we had to sign confidentiality authorizations. Family members say at least some of them have signed confidentiality agreements. Our employees often receive very personal documents or documents, such as agreements or correspondence, to translate. How do you protect their content? We have signed confidentiality agreements with all our translators that bind them to the confidentiality and non-disclosure of the information contained in the translated documents. In addition, we apply special procedures to ensure security when disseminating documents – send them to translators and send them back to customers.

“The point of a confidentiality agreement was to keep it confidential,” he said. She asked not to be cited on the basis of a confidentiality agreement. “I didn`t want to be bound by anything or by the authorization of secrecy.” However, the firefighters said the agency had asked them to sign the confidentiality statement before returning the tape. It is also expected that it will reach an out-of-court settlement in 2000 with a confidentiality agreement, he said. The confidentiality agreement prevents him from saying that he made an offer. And in fact, it showed much more than the confidentiality of consent. The union had received the same data before, but as part of a confidentiality agreement. With her current work, she did not have to sign a confidentiality agreement. “The whole purpose of the confidentiality authorization was to keep it confidential,” he said. However, pornography with minors is not covered by the confidentiality statement. Other examples are automatically adapted to passwords – we don`t guarantee their accuracy. “The point of a confidentiality agreement was to keep it confidential,” he said.

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