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Service Level Agreement Project Plan

Uncategorized / October 7, 2021 /

The services provided by the project manager at all stages of the project are as follows: SLAs first became an essential document for IT service providers. The use of SAs expanded with the advent of IT outsourcing in the late 1980s and is now widely used in many other fields, including project management. SLAs are used to regulate the relationship between service providers and internal and external customers. See: Service Level Agreement (SLA) (TechRepublic Premium) An SLA is important for several reasons when a customer is with their service providers. As a customer, inform your provider of the minimum acceptable service you expect from them to keep your business or business running normally. With the agreement, your service provider undertakes to comply with this minimum requirement and will deal with problems on an agreed date and in an agreed manner if they do not fulfil their commitment. Otherwise, you will have the right to make requests or terminate its services without impact. . . .