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Loss Sharing Agreement Definition

Uncategorized / April 10, 2021 /

“OTTI adjustment,” any other temporary impairment of stock loss securities, determined in accordance with FAS 115 and expressed in positive numbers, or any resolution other than temporary impairment expressed in negative numbers (to avoid doubts, normal and normal market changes resulting from the application of fair value calculation are not eligible for loss-sharing payments). “New shared loss loans” are loans that would otherwise be subject to loss participation under this shared loss trade agreement, made after January 15, 2010 and prior to the bank`s close. The institution of care; where the restrictions on points ((i), (ii) and (iii) of this definition do not apply to such measures (except for an advance or obligation to rehabilitate, store or dispose of a substance, pollutant or hazardous or toxic contaminant), taken by the adoption institution at its sole discretion in order to obtain or guarantee the value of the guarantee of such a shared loss loan. (vi) Payments made by the beneficiary under this shared loss commercial agreement are administrative costs borne by the recipient. To the extent that the recipient requires shared loss payment credits related to this shared business loss agreement, the recipient of the FDIC, in his ability as a business, solicits funds under the master and security loan contract as amended (“MLSA”). The recipient will not approve any changes to the MLSA that would prevent the recipient from using MLSA to fund payments with shared losses. 4.2 Calculating earnings or loss. For shared loss assets, the profit or loss on the sales covered in Section 4.1 is calculated as the total selling price collected by the recipient institution, net of the total book value of the remaining shared loss assets. (i) for a shared-loss loan obligation or a loss-making loan; which is not a revolving line of credit, no modification, amendment, extension, extension or waiver, unless the definition of the eligible advance is permitted, cannot increase the amount of capital (A) that is then available to be advanced by the recipient entity as part of the shared loss loan commitment or (B) as part of the shared loan; Accounting documents of the beneficiary institution) and recovery of outstanding bank bankruptcy/Write-Downs (including, in any event, all costs and expenses associated with an environmental assessment and all other costs or expenses related to environmental conditions relating to shared loss assets (assuming that these costs of cleaning up such a pollutant or contaminant are non-refundable if they exceed $200,000 per shared lot, provided that the receiving institution has obtained the recipient`s prior approval for such expenses; that, as long as the revenues relating to a shared loss loan are defined in accordance with the arithmetic formula of subsection II of the definition of “recoveries” , the term “repayment charges” is not the portion of these expenses paid during such a quarter of shared loss to recover all amounts derived from: (xi) The parties may extend any period in this section 2.1 (f) by mutual agreement.