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Karachi Agreement (Azad Kashmir)

Uncategorized / December 11, 2020 /

“As we critically analyze the agreement, we learn that Pakistan has been held responsible for the management of the region and not for the development of the region,” said Jamil Maqsood, chairman of the UN People`s Party (UKPNP), in Brussels. There is not even a single point about Pakistan`s settlement of the region. You took control of a large area and declared 4000 square miles (Azad Kashmir) independent, while you let Pakistan take control of the 28,000 square miles without taking the approval of the legitimate local government. The government of Azad Kashmir and the Muslim Conference accepted the agreement because they wanted Azad cashmere to join Pakistan, which they were expecting soon with the promised referendum. According to him, this relationship with Pakistan`s relations with its other provinces In 1972, the Azad Kashmir Legislative Assembly adopted a resolution reconquise gilgit-Baltistan. the signing of the Karachi Agreement of 28 April 1949 in Rawalakot in a JKLF public meeting on the first anniversary of the death of the deceased kashmiri guide Sardar Rashid Hasrat at Rawalakot Stadium. The 1949 Karachi Agreement was essentially drafted by Islamabad to ratify Pakistan`s administrative control over the region without consulting any shareholders in the region. Since then, Pakistan has committed the worst forms of humanitarian crimes against the PAH and Gilgit Baltistan population. When Pakistan took control of this region, instead of giving people their fundamental, political, social, democratic and national rights, they declared the region`s name as northern areas. This region has been removed from our school curriculum and added to Pakistan, and a narrative has been developed for the Pakistani people that this region has been added to Pakistan and that this is not even related to remote reality. The people of AJK and Gilgit Baltistan are now calling for the immediate abolition of the agreement, with all the rights conferred on citizens in letter and spirit.