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Az Purchase Agreement Form

Uncategorized / September 12, 2021 /

NOTE FOR HOME SELLERS: Many complaints are due to the fact that a home seller does not disclose problems in the SPDS. *Property Disclosure Statement (Hill v. Jones, 725 p.2d 1115) – The seller must reveal what he knows about the condition of the property and known issues. While this is not the only disclosure form accepted by the state, it is the most widely used. (Adobe PDF, MS Word (.docx) or ODT) On page two of the contract, the buyer is asked if he attaches this form to the offer to purchase. Some home sellers will not consider an offer without this form. We advise people to get pre-qualified by a lender before visiting homes. The prequalification form is established by your lender and a copy must be sent to your real estate agent. Your real estate agent will be accompanied by a copy of your prequalification form when submitting your offer to purchase.