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Agreement Em Ingles Significa

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Jerome Selecciona una colocación para ver más ejemplos de su uso 4) The essential purpose of a contract is the exchange according to the common law system. This is justified by basic trade in goods, services and intangible rights for the economy and society, and the main function of the treaty is to facilitate and regulate such trade (Blum, 2004). 7) Difficulty – In our legal system, which belongs to the family of German-Roman law, the uniqueness of the two parties is not an essential element in characterizing a treaty. We know of several free contracts, such as the donation contract.B. (2) Brazilian doctrine defines the treaty as an “agreement between the manifestation of two or more wills, in accordance with the legal order, which aims to establish a regulation of interests between the parties having the scope of the acquisition, modification or erasure of property legal relations” (Diniz, 1999). (a) BLACK`s Law Dictionary (1990) org. Bryan Garner (8th edition). St Paul, Minn. : Thomson West. b) BLUM, Brian A. (2004) Contracts – Examples & Explanations. == web links ==== individual supporting documents == c) CARVALHO, L.

(2007) The translation of binomials in common law contracts in the light of Corpus Linguistics. . . .