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According To The Agreement In German

Uncategorized / November 27, 2020 /

Thanks to their extensive legal expertise, our lawyers under German contract law can, through individual agreements, guarantee compliance with the mandatory legal provisions, while ensuring the rights and obligations of the contracting parties as well as the entire contract according to your living conditions. Our lawyers offer you the right balance between legal compliance and individual contracting. We will completely re-examine contractual clauses, standard contracts and terms and conditions of sale in order to avoid litigation before the contract is concluded. Even after the conclusion of the contract, we take care of the exercise in force of your rights and rights arising from all contracts in the context of a non-judicial organization or effective termination of a contract by revocation, termination, termination or revocation contract. In addition, we take care of the effective termination of the contracts for you. Whether through a declaration of termination, resignation or the conclusion of a contract of withdrawal or dissolution. We examine what type of termination of contract is best suited to your personal situation and advise you on the possible consequences. It should be noted whether the various contracts already offer opportunities to terminate the contract, for example. B by a contractual right of withdrawal, or if only legal possibilities are considered. Particularly in long-term contractual relationships, it may be advantageous to enter into a termination or dissolution agreement and, where possible, to accept a simple termination of an existing contract. In many cases, several contracts are required for a project, so the respective contractual agreements and disclaimers must be agreed and coordinated.

Our contract lawyers at Schlun and Elseven can ensure that your rights and interests are protected when entering into complex corporate and service contracts. The distributor and supplier had entered into a vehicle distribution contract and a separate agreement for the provision of customer data (“customer data agreement”). In particular, the customer data contract provides for the distributor to provide the supplier with customer-related data for after-sales service and market research purposes. The after-sales service ends at the end of the distribution contract. Once the distributor has terminated its participation in the after-sales service, the manufacturer must block the corresponding data, stop using it, and delete that data at the distributor`s request. In addition, the customer data contract contained an offer from the supplier to acquire customer data after the termination of the distribution contract. After the supplier terminated the distribution contract, the supplier and the former distributor were unable to agree on the sale of customer data. In this context, it is again particularly important to consider and include in the termination contract any follow-up, reimbursement or compensation benefits. Our experienced team of lawyers for German contract law finds the most appropriate solution for terminating your contracts. In addition to the sales contract, the enterprise contract in Germany is also known to daily life according to Article 631 of the BGB.