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Academic Staff Collective Agreement

Uncategorized / September 8, 2021 /

* Any level A academic holding a relevant doctoral qualification at the time of appointment or obtained during the appointment shall be recruited at a salary point that is not lower than level A, point 6 (b + 5) For employment contracts by full-time non-scientific collaborators, administrative staff and support staff, please see Onboarding Process for Part-Time Workers. The term “musical accompaniment with special pedagogical services” means the musical accompaniment of one or more students or collaborators in the context of the teaching provided by another member of staff, in cases where the accompanying person uses pedagogical expertise in the development or expression of the repertoire for concert or examination purposes, but does not include concert accompaniment; Vocal coaching or musical direction. A D-level academic should make an essential contribution to all activities of the organizational unit or interdisciplinary field and play an important role in his or her profession or discipline. Academics at this level may be nominated in recognition of awards in their disciplinary field. A C-level academic should make an essential contribution to the teaching of a department, school, faculty or other organizational unit or interdisciplinary field. An academic of this level is also expected to play an important role in scholarships, research and/or professional activities. A C-level academic usually has advanced qualifications and/or recognised significant experience in the relevant field. A position at this level usually requires a PhD or equivalent accreditation and position. The determination of qualifying experience takes into account teaching experience, research experience, experience outside of higher education, creative performance, professional contributions and/or technical performance. In addition, a position at this level usually requires proof of demonstrable scientific and professional performance in the relevant field. I am referring to the university`s request to approve the above-mentioned collective agreement.

I would like to fulfill the following obligations: academic workloads are negotiated and allocated in order to allow a quick and effective response to changes, both inside and outside the university, during an academic year, and to give individuals adequate security and notification of their annual work obligations during this period. A C-level researcher typically holds a PhD or equivalent accreditation and position, as well as subsequent research experience. A position at this level requires a strong proven track record of publications, conferences, reports and/or professional and/or technical contributions in the field of the discipline. An occasioned employee who is required to engage in another necessary academic activity is paid at an hourly rate, as set out in the following tables for each hour of that activity, which has been properly provided and demonstrated. There are a number of employment contracts for different types of employment: a PDF version of your current collective agreement is available here: Academic Collective Agreement 2017-2021. Workers have the right to a work balance beyond these three functions, in the context of the university`s requirements and their own career development. Beyond pure research positions, the university expects academics to perform all three activities and that a mix of work will not penalize an employee in a promotion application. Any additional work that an employee proposes to perform on behalf of the university, with an equitable distribution of income between staff and the university, is discussed with his or her supervisor as part of his or her academic workload agreement and must, where appropriate, be submitted to the competent director or PVC for approval before such additional work can be undertaken. . .