Hi, I’m James!

I am a 29 year old kid that enjoys learning and exploring. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science with a specialization in Software Development. I am looking for professional experiences to help grow my development abilities while helping grow a company.

I’ve avoided job hunting since graduating to help my father recover from back surgery. He has been released from all restrictions and so I’m beginning my career search.


Why I chose software development

My love for languages and technology merged with love for programming languages. My love for science fiction created the desire to create the future today. Programming as a career offers the unique opportunity that would keep me challenged and engaged with my career. It also offers me the ability to never stop learning. While I do enjoy making applications pretty enough for users to want to use them, the back end processing is often what I find intriguing – the inner processes of how data is handled and manipulated.


A few things about me:

Babylon 5 > Star Trek > a lot of other things > Star Wars.

I love foreign languages but don’t believe I am very good at them.

I love horror movies but scare easily.